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Stockholm by night can be fantastic if you have direct access to the very best venues without having to wait for hours in line. Make sure you and your clients are let in quickly and with style, of course with a table waiting for you. Do not let anything to chance or an arbitrary doorkeeper! Mr. Charles VIP-Access service is ideal when you want to make the right impression on your clients or guests.


Enjoy yourself

Stockholm has a large number of excellent restaurants, bars, lounges and night clubs. A great supply is met with an even greater demand. Getting in at the best venues in Stockholm is not always easy, especially if coming with a group of people. Long lines and guest lists are a hurdle that is difficult to avoid even when planning. Friday night with your very important new client can become a nightmare if you are not well prepared.


Enter Mr. Charles. Over the years, we have built tight contacts among the most prominent venues in Stockholm. Restaurants and clubs always reserve some space for their special guests. With Mr. Charles VIP-Access you can be sure to get the treatment that you deserve and need to make the right impression. Avoid long queues, uncertainty, rejection, rain and snow. Make a direct entrance and always feel welcome and important! Mr. Charles VIP-Access is also popular for private occasions. Make sure everything goes smoothly when you propose to the love of your life. When nothing must go wrong, Mr. Charles opens doors for you.

Our VIP-Access can ideally be combined with Mr. Charles Private Chauffer or Limousine Service.


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