Luxury retreat with a warm welcome.

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PRIVATE BEACH, Indoor pool
and a home theater

“This property is ideal for anyone seeking to house all of their family members in one location without sacrificing space.”


In Koi Villa nothing has been left to chance. Every detail has been carefully planned to create the perfect Mansion in the Stockholm archipelago. The lovely views are strikingly present throughout this 1700 m2 house. The giant windows allow large amounts of light in.

Nature – the woods, the archipelago, and the sky all embrace the villa and form a very special space for your stay. This villa has space for up to 17 staying guests and can be used for events for up to 50 people. With 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, this property is well-equipped to accommodate larger groups of people.

This property is ideal for anyone seeking to house all of their family members in one location without sacrificing space.

Discover the beautiful surroundings or unwind in the villa. Here you will find fishing equipment and four kayaks with life vests for small excursions nearby.  Inside, you can let your gaming instincts loose on two wonderful pinball machines or challenge your guests at the full-size pool table.


You´ll have the premises to yourself.


We keep our premises in top condition.


Enjoy the indoor pool.

Relax in your private spa

On the lower level there is a 10 x 5-meter heated indoor pool and jacuzzi. Adjacent is a massage room where you and your guests can enjoy treatments from first-class therapists (additional charges apply). Relax in the sauna or cool down in a real ice bath.

Step into the floating room and lay down in the salty water of the pool for a near-weightless experience. Would you rather fancy some sauna? There are 6 different saunas including Finnish, infrared and steam. Here you will also find a gym with huge mirrors.

Since the mansion is located next to the sea you can extend your spa experience down to the water. In the private harbor there is a second jacuzzi where you can sip on a cocktail during bright Swedish summer nights.

Delicious food by Mr Charles’ personal chef

The Koi Villa will show its full potential if you choose to use Mr Charles personal chef. Wake up to the scent of newly ground coffee and enjoy a fantastic breakfast in the sunshine outdoors.

There is a wonderful outdoor kitchen where your chef will provide the most amazing BBQ and serve on the terrace.

Let Mr Charles’ chef surprise you with a new tasting menu each evening if you like or choose a more relaxed holiday menu – it’s all up to you!

Mr Charles’ staff will be accommodated in an apartment behind the mansion in order to be able to provide you with superb service around the clock.

State of the art entertainment

This luxury house has a movie theater with space for up to 15 people with the most amazing audio and video experience.

Talking about sound – if you are a music lover you will love the state-of-the-art audio system of this property. Sit down in the lounge, let Mr Charles prepare a surprise cocktail and calm down to your favorite tones.

A calm but easily accessible location

Koi Villa is in a calm location, perfect for full relaxation. Still, it is easily accessible.

Upon your request, Mr Charles will arrange with any transfer options to fit your needs.

Landing by helicopter is possible nearby. The travel time from Arlanda or Bromma airport is around 15 minutes. If you choose to travel by helicopter Mr Charles will arrange a smooth transfer between the villa and the helipad, a journey which takes approximately 10 minutes.

Welcome to Koi Villa, your perfect hideaway in Sweden!

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