Enjoy Life Properly

Mr Charles is a specialist in luxury travel and lifestyle management. We offer bespoke high-end services within a wide range of areas that will allow you to enjoy life properly.

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Mr Charles sets the standard for private fine dining experiences, not only in Sweden, but internationally. Our renowned personal chefs follow the most distinguished principles of haute cuisine. One of our chefs is always ready to come to your home or private venue to prepare a gourmet odyssey beyond words.

May we suggest coupling the dishes you will be served with a fine selection of wines? Of course, you may also have Mr Charles’ own sommelier accompany your private chef.

Naturally, we will be ready to accommodate any nutritional or other dietary preferences that you may have. Our team of professional chefs is a perfect choice for your special event at home, in a rented venue or even on board of a yacht.


Mr. Charles will be delighted to offer customized offers and packages. Fill in the form below or give us a call on (+46) 819 01 03!

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