Creativity, Passion, Flair, Precision – these are just a few of the keywords that can be used to describe the qualities our team members possess. Our team has over 15 years of experience in the event industry. We have had the privilege of organizing events in a variety of locations across Sweden and abroad. Mr. Charles’ skilled team of event management professionals will help your corporate or private event reach its full potential.

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At Mr. Charles Event Management we understand that every client is unique. We must first understand your needs and requirements before even starting to plan your next event. Mr. Charles makes sure that your every wish, every requirement and every goal is reached. Meticulous planning is key to success for any event. Therefore, we make sure that we have a mutual good understanding of the project and its targets early on.


Thanks to our long experience from event management in Stockholm, we can offer the very best venues for your event. We know what it takes to make an impression. Your choice of venue and its facilities is therefore crucial for a successful event. Mr. Charles suggests his Private Chauffeur service which can be perfectly combined with almost any kind of event. 

You may also wish to consider any of the other exclusive services of Mr. Charles, including VIP-access, helicopter rental and private jet rental.



Our goal is to make our clients dream come true. At Mr. Charles Event Management we are always innovative and seek inspiration to deliver “beyond dreams”. Despite being many years in this business, we have never forgotten the spirit of innovation and creativity. The commitment and enthusiasm of an emerging business is still with us today.

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