Exclusive helicopter rides in Oslo


Helicopter sightseeing.
See beautiful Oslo from above

Did you ever wonder what Oslo looks like from above? As you come to Oslo on business or holiday, it is the perfect time to find out. In fact, our helicopter charter in Oslo is very popular for sightseeing by air.

It is possible to take a short helicopter tour of 20 minutes. It can fit even the tightest schedule of meetings in Oslo. If you have more time on your hands, we will be happy to offer you a longer helicopter ride to see more of the archipelago and surrounding areas from above.

How about extending the tour, taking our helicopter to a renowed restaurant somewhere out on the west coast of Norway?

Helicopter rental for business & pleasure

Save time with Mr Charles helicopter charter in Oslo. We will arrange your helicopter rental to and from destinations in the capital of Norway and beyond.

Why not try our helicopter tour over Oslo for some spectacular views and a very special sight-seeing?

Choose the perfect helicopter for your ride

Mr Charles has several state-of-the-art helicopters at your disposal. From light and convenient models to larger and very comfortable options for longer rides.

BROWSE OUR FLEET of helicopters





Our favorite. If ultimate luxury is what you are looking for during your tour or travel, our Augusta is the right choice.

AW109 is a helicopter for presidents and sheiks. This beauty is completely insulated which ensures a very pleasant ride, making noise-protection superfluous. Five persons can be comfortably seated in the backseat. For your convenience it is equipped with a Whisky and Champagne bar.

This helicopter is one of only a few in Sweden that are equipped with two engines. This gives it special privileges, like flying to Gotland, the Åland archipelago or Finland.




This premium helicopter from Airbus takes four passengers – three in the backseat and one in the front.

Get seated in the comfortable seats and stretch out your legs. Let us depart on our tour!

The views are good regardless of where you sit. EC120 is the helicopter of choice of many governments and business leaders around the globe.

Performance and comfort in a perfect combination for your helicopter ride. Airbus uses advanced technology to keep the vibrations at a minimum. This aircraft has looks as well!





Our Robinson R44 carries up to 3 passengers. R44 is the most produced general aviation aircraft in the world. That is not without a reason. The Robinson R44 is a safe, very stable and incredibly fuel-efficient helicopter.

The views are excellent from any seat. Usually, Robinson cruises at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour but can fly faster when necessary.

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Choose your destination

Our helicopter charter in Oslo covers the entire region. We can fly you to different cities in Norway or to locations near the city. It is also possible to fly by helicopter to other Scandinavian countries. For longer flights we recommend our private jet.

Wherever you want to go by air, we will take you there. When you land, our dedicated drivers stand ready to help you reach your final destination without hassle.

Combine our helicopter tours with other VIP transport

Oslo is an amazing city. Make the most out of your stay by letting us handle all your travel connections. We will take you from the helicopter to a waiting personal driver moving on to your private yacht in the harbor.

Regardless of if you come to Oslo for business or pleasure – or both, we will make sure that all your travel plans are taken care of.


Frequently asked questions


With Mr Charles it is fully flexible. Typically, our sightseeing by helicopter takes 20 minutes, or 30 minutes for a longer ride. But with us you may book the helicopter for the whole day or longer if you like.

Our helicopters have space for 3 up to 5 passengers depending on the model.

No, our helicopter charter depends on the weather, just like any other helicopter tours. We cannot fly in clouds, mist, or windy weather conditions. If your flight gets cancelled due to bad weather, we will reschedule it or reimburse you.

Mr Charles stands ready to arrange helicopter tours in Oslo or anywhere in Norway. Just contact us and we will help you book your ride.

Yes, you may book helicopter flights between Oslo and other cities in Norway. For longer flights we recommend our private jet.

Yes, we offer helicopter rental tours of 20–30 minutes, or longer if you wish. It is all up to you!

We will be glad to offer you ground transport in one of our VIP vehicles with a private driver. Why not take the helicopter to one of our mansions or combine your journey with a yacht ride as well?


Mr Charles will be delighted to offer customized offers and packages. Fill in the form below or give us a call on (+46) 819 01 03!

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