Fine dining in Oslo


Your Personal Chef – Fine dining experiences in Oslo

Mr Charles brings you the most exclusive services and experiences. When it comes to fine dining, we are proud to say that it is not an exception.

We have some of the most renowned professional chefs in Oslo in our team, ready to bring you along on a gourmet journey beyond words.

Mr Charles Personal Chef in Norway stands ready to come to wherever you are. Be it on board a yacht, in your home or in one of our luxury villas. They are also available for business evens or embassy receptions. Or for weddings and other celebrations – you name it.


Beyond the ordinary professional chef service

Deciding to engage Mr Charles Professional Chef is a decision to go far beyond the ordinary catering or in home chef service. We create experiences in food and drink with some of the best chefs in Oslo.

But not only – with us you can get a complete experience that stretches far beyond the taste palette. Let us arrange the perfect setting for your lunch or dinner. Our luxury villas in Oslo are fabulous.

Or have us invite you and your guests on board one of the most impressive yachts in Norway. You can even arrive – or let your guests arrive – to your dinner or reception in one of our executive helicopters if you wish!

At all times our Concierge stands ready to accommodate any special requests that you might have.

Your chef on board a
luxury yacht

Bring your personal chef on board your yacht – or one of our yachts. Give him the fish you caught and look forward to having it served onboard. Or just enjoy the journey while your professional cook prepares a delicious meal.

We will also be glad to arrange food tasting on a yacht. This will give you two amazing experiences in one. See the majestic Oslo fjord while enjoying fine dining.

We are masters at arranging food events in Oslo. Just let us know your plan and we will match you with the best private chef for your occasion. No need for catering when your cook is right there with you!


Private chef in Oslo for
your business event

What will you eat between meetings and speeches at your event or conference? Why not make the most of this opportunity and impress on your business partners with a culinary experience?

Let Mr Charles private chef in Oslo supply you with the fine food that gives the inspiration and energy to think outside of the box.

No matter what location you choose for your event, our professional chef will make sure to provide you with the most amazing food. But why not let Mr Charles arrange the venue also?

If you like we can go beyond lunch or dinner and make food and wine tasting part of your team building efforts!

The perfect chef for your wedding

With Mr Charles personal chef at your wedding, the food experience at your special occasion becomes truly fabulous.

Let us arrange the perfect wedding banquet so that you can focus on each other and your guests.

Having your very own chef at the wedding is a unique experience. Your guests’ special needs and tastes can be met by an intuitive chef that makes magic come true.

Talk to us about your wedding and we will be glad to be part of your plans for your special day! Why not also book our private chauffeur for the occasion – or let us take care of everything, including the venue?


Gourmet food for embassy & consulate receptions

Mr Charles Personal Chef can arrange the perfect food for your embassy or consulate reception in Oslo. Impress on your partners and colleagues with outstanding cuisine.

To be honest, probably no catering can compare to the experience of having a private chef on location, preparing a unique tasting experience with fresh and organic ingredients.

If you like, Mr Charles can also arrange the venue for your reception.

Unbeatable & unexpected experiences

Many come to Norway to experience the unique nature and magnificent landscapes. Being on a yacht travelling the fjords, it might not always be easy to find an open restaurant. The same can be said if you go hiking or heli skiing in places in the great outdoors.

On such occasions having Mr Charles personal chef with you is a guaranteed success. Or – knowing your itinerary he will already be at your destination, preparing the most wonderful BBQ or wildlife smorgasbord you can imagine.

You will never forget the taste of the world’s finest food enjoyed in the beautiful Norwegian nature!

Did we mention that Mr Charles can arrange the whole tour too?

Special dietary requests?
Never a problem.

Mr Charles private chef in Oslo is used to adjusting the menu to any request. Do you or does somebody in your company have allergies or food intolerances? No problems – we will make sure everybody can enjoy a delicious meal.

Likewise, we are able to fully accommodate requests for vegetarian, vegan, LCHF or any other kind of special diet. 

Just let us know beforehand and we will plan for the gourmet experience of your dreams!


Frequently asked questions


Absolutely. Mr Charles personal chef can accommodate any special nutrition or dietary preferences, including allergies and food intolerances.

Yes, we can create a completely vegan or vegetarian menu or for one or more people in a group of guests, or for everybody.

For any event or occasion, really! You may book our private chef to create a gourmet masterpiece for your special date with your loved one, a diplomatic reception, your wedding, vacation, or a family gathering. He can also replace catering services at corporate events, vernissages, and exhibitions.

Definitely. We can create special dining experiences all over Scandinavia.

We see experiences as something that always needs to be tailormade to fit your needs, wishes and expectations. Apart from delivering the very best culinary experiences with a personal chef we also take care of all the other important details, like VIP transport, finding the perfect venue for your event or providing 24/7 concierge services.

Mr Charles private chef is stationed in Oslo, but we will be happy to arrange a gourmet experience regardless of where you are.

Absolutely. Our private chef service can be booked on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Mr. Charles will be delighted to offer customized offers and packages. Fill in the form below or give us a call on (+46) 08-190103!

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